aridgefield park child careIn finding Alphabet Soup Child Care Center, you have come across southern Bergen County’s best solution for early educationpreschoolkindergarten and toddler and infant child care. Our hallmarks are preschool learning that’s customizable, personal, fit to your child and your needs. Our preschool program infant and toddler care are molded to your child’s stage of development. Your language and culture are respected, celebrated and nurtured in your child. You help create your experience at Alphabet Soup by your feedback and participation. Read on about Our History to understand why.

Our History, Our Mission and Our Methods

In 1996, Alphabet Soup Child Care Center, Preschool & Kindergarten was born as the dream of a mother and daughter, Millie and Maria. We started with 8 children and a few donated toys, working hard to make ends meet on a shoe-string budget.

Due to overwhelming demand, in 1997 we expanded.  In consultation with leading educators and early childhood specialists, we’ve built a unique and inviting preschool classrooms complete with plush toys for your child to explore, a great block area, wonderful books custom-selected for your toddler and many beautiful learning centers where your child learns by exploring and doing.

We’ve introduced a customized computer program, starting for children at age 2, helping your little one gain knowledge and confidence in the technologies which will become critical to school success.

We fill our centers with music, helping your child explore the richness of sound, movement, laughter and fun while learning about notes, beats, high and low tones and many of the musical concepts that can provide a lifetime of love of music.

Our staff is unique, dedicated and loving. It is our policy to make sure we provide outstanding care, so we exceed the state’s requirements for CPR and First-Aid certification. Rather than having the one certified person onsite per facility as the state requires, we make sure ALL our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified, so that not a moment is lost in giving your child the fastest and most expert attention.

After our humble beginning, today Alphabet Soup has grown into one of the area’s most respected and sought-after child care centers.

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Our Location

Our state of the art facility in the heart of town offers your child a great place to learn and grow. Full of color and activities, with artwork hung at children’s eye-level, our homey center offers a great space for fun for children.

Our Staff

Experienced and caring, most of our staff has been with us for a decade or more. People who come work for us tend to stay for a long time. We cherish our staff, because we know their happiness and well-being translates into the happiness and well-being of the kids in our care. We invest in their professional development and make sure to offer a warm and caring work environment.