We’ll never forget our first day of operation. We were a mother/daughter team who had long dreamed of opening up our own business. For so long it had seemed like such a tough dream to achieve! But suddenly, here we were. We’d saved and scrimped, picked up gently-used toys at garage sales, taken a leap of faith… and our dream had come true. We started with 8 students and a lot of hope. It was August of 1996.

And that hope paid off in ways we couldn’t have foreseen! Over the twenty years that Alphabet Soup Child Care Center has been in operation, we’ve known and loved more than a thousand children from the area. We’ve watched them grow, been there for their first steps, worried about them when they were sick, and reveled in their progress. These days, some of those first customers come back as adults to say hello. The director’s grandchildren, not yet conceived when the center was open, are high school students now, and sometimes stop by after school to help out.

We are lucky that our family now numbers in the thousands. To everyone who has put their faith in us with their prized little ones, we are humbled and grateful. To those of you who are considering joining the fold, come in and see what has made Alphabet Soup special for more than twenty years.

Celebrating 20 years in Ridgefield Park, NJ
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