Helping children connect to the natural world around them can set them up to have a lifelong love of our planet. An appreciation for things grow will help kids care more about the environment, have greater empathy for animals, and be more conscientious consumers. Plus… it’s fun!

You may think you need a big backyard to give kids a love of plants, but you don’t. Even in an apartment, you can designate a small bit of counter space and plant seeds in cups.

Here are a few ideas:

Avocado pits

In the mood to make guacamole? Awesome! Besides being healthy and tasty, it also gives you a great chance to show your child how things grow. Cut two toothpicks in half, stick the pointy part in to the pit at 90 degree angles (so that you get four in around halfway) and balance the avocado pit on the rim of a paper cup. Now fill the cup up just enough so that the lower third of the avocado is in the water. Top it off every few days to make sure it never goes dry and… voila! In a few weeks you’ll have started your own little avocado plant.


Beans are healthy, easy to make and very tasty. They also sprout up fast! Put a handful in a cup, then cover them with a moist paper towel. Keep the paper towel moist and watch your beanstalks start in just a few days.

Want more ideas on how to bring nature into your child’s life? Talk to us! We have a real passion for igniting children’s imagination and curiosity. See above one of our little ones watching our windowsill garden grow!

Planting seeds
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